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People Management Advisory


New way of looking employee life cycle management has been gaining relevance than never before "What it means for your organization to win market place" - Building Talent, Process & Structures, Technology to win Market place - time for the organization to reinvent 

Business strategy rapidly evolves, that means embracing a new way of operating, with new processes, roles, metrics, structures, talent and capability talent.

We help you define, execute your People Strategy throughout your organization—from your operating model to your structure, headcount, jobs and rewards. Our unique combination of capabilities allows us to design and implement an optimized operating model to suit your organization needs and transformation

Total Rewards

Rewards Strategy is the core engine to attract, motivate and retain the workforce, organisations have been looking beyond just compensation. Right investments for the workforce is definitely the key differentiating factor among the organisations

We help you rationalize the spend on your total rewards by prioritising the areas most appreciated and relevance to the workforce 


We can assist you in rolling out your compensation (Comp Philosophy, Market Position, Comp Mix and Budgets)  and Benefits strategy by making sure that your hiring and retention efforts meets its objective

Employee Engagement

Engagement is not just an activity or the games for the moment, this engagement starts when this  employee had first conversation for the organisation as a potential prospect candidate and continues till his/her exit and sometimes continues as an alumni with the organisation


Engaged employees are highly connected with the organisation and work with passion. They drive innovation and move the organisation forward.


These employees are self-starters and develop themselves for the organisation's needs and perform at their best - While these candidates are greatest asset to the organisation but exists minute faction

Organisation Design

Organisation design clearly defines clear roles and responsibilities; You need to have the blueprint on your

Organisational Health with respect to Culture and Operating Model.


You need to look at the present and future for what kind of workforce that you want to have now and in the future.   


We can help your analyse your People Structures, Career Layers, Job Architecture, Reporting lines and Cost  

To Put it simply - We help you convert your Strategies into everyday action by placing the people in the respective positions   

Employee Experience

Employee experience is an employee’s belief or perceptions about his or her journey through all the touch points at a particular company, starting with job application through to the exit from the company. While the employee engagement activities are short lived, employee experience helps to sustain the experience in the employee life cycle journey. This encompasses the physical, technological and cultural environment of an organisation.   

We help organisation to build Employee Experience and Engagement Strategy  

Performance & Result 

Needless to say, Businesses run, Survive and Differentiated by performance, People Performance = Business Performance and vice versa,


Performance is everyone’s responsibility and performance management is ongoing powerful engagement tool and organisation which exercises appropriately witness exceptional results 


While we have different tools for managing performance, We advise organisations to adapt what is required and deliver closer result   

We craft an ideal PMS strategy based on your business needs and execution plan.

HR & Compliance Management

HR Function defines and governs the enterprise in  every principle of working methods, with policies, process, practices and Operating procedures in relationship with employees. This encompass and captures   

Every organisation needs policies to ensure consistency in action and equity in its relation with employees. 

In the employee life cycle both Organisation and employees have different demands from each other at different points in time.

With the Business there is a critical need for the HR compliance to be managed appropriately compliance is essential for any organisation to be successful in today’s legal environment. Compliance starts from simple Offers letters to Monthly /Bi-Annual/ Annual filings to respective compliance stakeholders.


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